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Monday, June 2, 2014

Mine your Hard Drive--and Make an Old Pitch New

Welcome back to the Blogathon, readers! 

Pitching is an essential part of freelancing, but coming up with query ideas takes time. So why not mine your hard drive? 

In other words, take advantage of old pitches that didn't result in assignments. Take a look through your queries from a year or two ago (or even older) which didn't sell and get them back into circulation. Maybe something in the news has given you a time peg, or there's a new study you can include in your pitch. 

After all, an awesome pitch won't do you any good sitting on your hard drive. Tune up your old pitch, make sure it's slanted to your target market, and hit "send." 

Today's assignment: find at least one "old" query, tune it up, and send it out--and let me know what happens!  

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