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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Do One Thing for your Freelance Career

Blogathon, day 10. 

In addition to writing and ghostwriting, I'm a motivational speaker (you know, like Chris Farley's character Dan Foley from Saturday Night Live who lived "in a van, down by the river") who  talks to groups about topics like healthy habits and stress management. (I'm also a personal trainer who helps clients get fit and lose weight, which dovetails nicely with this work.) 

When it comes to creating new habits, people often make the mistake of attempting to do too much, too soon. I just worked with a client who hadn't exercised regularly for years, yet she wanted to train with me three days a week, and then do cardio the other three days! Even the most dedicated exerciser can struggle to find time (and motivation!) to work out six days/week. I suggested she scale back her expectations. 

First, all that exercise coming on top of years of inactivity set her up for injury and burnout. But just as important, her goal was unrealistic. I'd rather have someone walk for 10 minutes a day, every day, than commit to an unrealistic fitness plan. You won't stick with it, and then you wind up feeling like a failure--and that makes it even harder to get motivated to try again.

My point? You don't have to dedicate your day to freelancing, especially if you're a new writer, or a mom of little kids, like me, or if you have too much on your plate right now. Just be sure to do at least one thing to further your freelance career in the direction you want to take it. 

I have a busy day today, teaching Body Pump at the Y, running around with my four-year-old, getting my teeth cleaned, and then volunteering at my son's swim meet tonight. I also don't have child care until next week, when my summer sitter starts. Even so, I'll still do a few freelance-related tasks this morning before my SAHM day starts. 

You can do the same. Your assignment: Do one thing for your freelance career every day. It can be researching a market, starting a query, or even reading an article (or blog) about freelancing. Even one thing can make a difference. 

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