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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Best Time Management Tip for Freelancers

Blogathon, day 18.

Today's blog post concerns the most effective time management strategy I know of. Start your work day with the number one thing you do not want to do. In other words, eliminate the ugliest. When you tackle the task you dread, you'll get it done, first off, and you'll save yourself the stress of worrying about when you're you're going to do it, or coming up with excuses not to do it.

Your assignment: Identify your "ugliest" and get it done first thing before you tackle the rest of your day. 

(If you're paying attention, you should be able to figure out what my ugliest thing was today.)

1 comment:

  1. A freelancer always has to be time managed, there is no doubt in that. I liked the tips mentioned here with for the freelancers to be managed with time. The best way to utilize the time is to keep track of the hours, practically to visualize the way to process the whole structure.

    Being in the freelancing business for more than 3 years, I usually have a habit of keeping track of hours worked for projects which practically defines the motivation to be bumped up in order to raise the productivity to another level.