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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Decide Who You Are

Blogathon, day 14. Almost halfway there! 

Chances are that you do more that one thing as a freelancer. Personally I'm a ghostwriter, editor, article writer, content producer, speaker, author, and owner of a publishing company...and that's only in my professional life. In my personal life, I'm a mom, wife, daughter, sister, neighbor, friend, personal trainer, Body Pump instructor, runner, reader, and Diet Mountain Dew drinker. But I would never introduce myself as all of those things when meeting someone new. Instead I look for the common thread, and play the role that is most likely to connect me with that person.

The same goes for your freelance career. Let's say you do content marketing for lawyers, write young adult fiction, and blog about the best apps for small businesses. You also have a real estate background and grow organic vegetables. You hear about a new freelance opportunity, and start working on your LOI, or letter of introduction. Don't "kitchen-sink" it and share every type of freelance work you've ever done. It's better to focus on a specific area or two and highlight that.

So if you're pitching a magazine for home-based businesses, you might highlight the fact you've written for small businesses. If the client is looking for a writer to do online content, highlight your content marketing background. And if it's a shelter background, you may want to bring up your real estate experience. 

The idea is to put your proverbial best foot forward. 

Your assignment: Next time you pitch a market, highlight your experience that best meets the market's needs.  

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