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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Touch Base with a Former Client

And the Blogathon continues! About 100 bloggers are participating, so check out some of the other blogs when you have a chance. 

On Sunday, I asked whether you were a lazy writer. (And admitted that I am.) Today's topic is a lazy-writer technique I like to use and yet many freelancers overlook it. It's reaching out to former clients. 

Your former client may have been an editor you did last year. A ghostwriting client you worked with three years ago. Even a reprint market that bought rights to a story several months ago. Regardless of who the person is, you've worked with them before--and I will assume you did a great job, right? So why wouldn't this person want to hire you again? 

He very much may want to hire you again--and may even have an assignment for you--but he may have forgotten about you. By touching base with him, you remind him about your existence. That's the purpose of touching base. You don't have to come right out and say, "Give me work!" even though that's your end game. Simply getting in front with him may result in an assignment. 

Your assignment: look through your old assignments from a year or two ago and make a list of former clients to touch base with. 

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