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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

When to Draw the Line with a Client

Any businessperson knows that it takes more time to nab a new client than to get an assignment from someone you've worked before (assuming you did a good job, of course). And I've posted before about simple ways to turn a one-time client into a regular, like making your deadlines, staying on their radar, and thinking of ways to make their job easier.

But there are things you should never do to get or keep a client, and I agree with Jennifer Brown-Banks' post on the subject (the seven deadly sins) at ebyline, a new site designed to hook up publishers and freelancers. Accepting poor treatment, badmouthing your competition, or working for too-low fees (three of her seven deadly sins) wind up hurting you--and your job satisfaction--in the long run.


  1. Jennifer Brown Banks wishes to thank you for the link love and sharing this post. :-)Glad that you agreed with my perspective.

    Much continued success!

  2. My know what they say about great minds. :)