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Thursday, July 21, 2011

The State of Fulltime Freelancer's Work, 2011, take two

Last post, I shared the latest results of what types of work freelancers are doing today. At the top of the list are writing for the Web (15 percent), writing for consumer magazines (12 percent), writing for businesses/corporations (11 percent), and editing (10 percent).

In addition to the 14 specific types of work I asked about, I had an "other" answer where I asked writers to share other tasks they do for pay. Those include:
  • teaching online writing classes
  • proofreading/copy editing
  • public relations
  • translation/research
  • project management
  • articles for educational publishers
  • market research reports
  • SEO research
  • social media promotion planning
  • meeting summaries
  • policy documents
  • consensus reports
  • writing for government
I was surprised at the diversity of this list, but these are 13 more types of work freelancers are doing to make money in an ever-challenging economy. Consider adding one or more of them to your freelance repertoire.

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