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Sunday, July 3, 2011

New Survey: The Current Condition of Freelancers' Income

Last year, I conducted an income survey to help determine what full-time freelancers were making. The 127 responses revealed that while the majority (64 percent) made less than $60,000 in 2009, the remainder made more than that--and 16 percent made more than $80,000 that year, including 10 percent that were six-figure freelancers. More than half (54 percent) expected to make more in 2010 than in 2009.

So, how are we doing today? How was 2010 compared to 2009, and how is this year looking? I've set up a new survey to take a closer look, and hope to garner at least 200 responses this time around--hopefully more.

If you freelance full-time (i.e., regardless of how many hours you work, you make your living as a self-employed writer/author/scribe), please take this brief survey. It should take you less than three minutes to complete and is completely confidential. The results will give us a sense of what freelancers are making, and the kinds of work we're doing, today.

Thank you for participating, and please ask fellow freelancers to do the same. I'll post results in a few weeks.


  1. Hi Kelly, just letting you know that questions 5 and 6 currently only allow a single response. x

  2. Thanks so much for the heads-up on that, Rachel. I just fixed it and really appreciate your note. :)