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Thursday, November 14, 2013

5 Smart Social Media Tips for Freelancers

I came away from last week's ASJA Con Con with pages full of notes, and great new ideas about how I can enhance my freelance business, particularly in in the content marketing arena. On one panel, social media expert and freelancer Yael Grauer offered a slew of advice for both newbie and experienced freelancers, including: 

1. When on social media, focus on sharing advice that benefits your target clients. So, if you want to do content marketing for corporations or agencies, don't post about "how to make more money working for content marketing clients" (although that would be helpful for freelancers!). Instead, post about "how to use content marketing to create loyal customers."

Get it? Think about what your potential clients want to read. So, for example, if I want to attract potential ghostwriting clients, I should post about how to hire a ghostwriter for cheap--which would be of interest for those looking for ghostwriters--and not how to make money as a ghostwriter, which would interest people like me.   

2. Create private lists on Twitter to keep up with current and potential clients. (Go to your home page on Twitter and click on Lists, four buttons below Tweets.) 

3. Take the "LinkedIn for Journalists" training on LinkedIn. It's free, and completing it gives you a free upgrade for a year, which means you can in-mail anyone on LinkedIn for free. 

4. Remember that anyone--editors, potential clients, your competitors--may be reading your social media feed. Don't post anything that doesn't positively reflect on you and your brand. 

5. Use or to track response to your social media posts, and use that data when creating new social media content. This is one tip I'm going to immediately put into practice, and I'll report on the results in a month or two.

**Thanks again to Yael (follow her at @yaelwrites), and stay tuned for more great tips, strategies, and ideas from ASJA ConCon. Want to know how to add content marketing and other ghostwriting to your freelance repertoire? Check out my new book, Goodbye Byline, Hello Big Bucks! Make Money Writing Books, Articles, Blogs, and More, Second Editionwhich covers both short- and long-form ghostwriting. Download the book at Smashwords.) 

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