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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

For a Very Limited Time: Free "Chick Lit" Novel

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I made one of my ebooks, Dollars and Deadlines' 10 Truths Every Writer Who Wants to be Published Should Know, available free? (It's still free...for a few more days, anyway.) Well, if you enjoy contemporary women's fiction (or know someone who does), I've making another book free--for a limited time, of course. That's how these things work.

My first novel, Did you Get the Vibe?, has been called "a great read" and "A+++ blissful summertime reading." It was translated into four languages when it first was published, and continues to sell steadily in its second life as an ebook. It's been labeled "chick lit" but I promise my characters have more going on in their lives than worrying about shoes and shopping--they're real women you'll relate to, laugh with, and hopefully like as well.

Download Did you Get the Vibe? for free through Smashwords; Amazon should have it priced at $0.99 soon--and hopefully FREE once it catches up with Smashwords. (Amazon won't list an ebook for free UNLESS another ebook retailer is doing so--then it follows suit, at least in theory. So far the Kindle version of 10 Truths still is listed at $0.99.)

If you enjoy Did you Get the Vibe?, I hope you'll check out my other two novels, White Bikini Panties, and The Honesty Index. The Honesty Index is garnering good reviews on Amazon (from people who don't even know me!) and I'm excited about it. In a future post, I'll share the results on my ongoing ebook experiments.

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