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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Full-Time Job? No, Thanks

Would you give up your freelance career to take a full-time job? No? You're not alone. According to a report from the Freelancers Union, 88 percent feel the same way. That's nearly 9 in 10 freelancers who find the benefits and challenges of self-employment more appealing than a traditional full-time gig. 

When asked why they freelanced, reasons included flexibility, being able to be their own boss, and being able to better balance work and life. Those reasons certainly apply to me, too, but one of my primary reasons to freelance is because I can make more money per-hour than I can working most other jobs. 

Could I have done this at the outset of my freelance career? No. But as I've gained experience, I've become more valuable to clients in a variety of fields, and that means I can charge more for what I do. And for markets that offer a set fee (think consumer magazines, for example), I'm typically able to work more efficiently than I did in the past--again, a benefit of experience. 

That experience means I've learned where I can save time, too. I no longer do 30-minute interviews with sources when I know I can get what I need in ten. I no longer rewrite articles four, five, or six times seeking perfection--my second draft is usually the final one. And I focus on developing solid relationships with clients, editors, sources, and other writers--which pays off for me with more work. 

So, yes, there's the freedom. That's huge. And I can typically adapt my work schedule around my kids' schedules, which is a huge plus. But the biggest reason for me to freelance is a financial one. At least at this point in my life, working a limited number of hours, I want to make as much during those hours as I can. And with experience, I've been able to do so. 

So what do clients actually pay for the work I'm doing? That's the subject of an upcoming post.

In the meantime, where you do stand? Are you among the 9 in 10 who would turn down a full-time gig to continue freelancing? If so, why? 

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