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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First Time Ever! Learn How to Break into and Succeed in the Ghostwriting Biz

Thanks to all who tuned in last night for my teleseminar on Six-Figure Freelancing. My big news? After more than a decade of teaching in-person classes, I'm teaching my first eclass--on ghostwriting.

SAY GOODBYE TO YOUR BYLINE: GETTING STARTED IN GHOSTWRITING is a 6-week class that will start on September 6, 2010 (yup, that's Labor Day!). The classes will be emailed or posted that day (still deciding which), and for the five Mondays thereafter. So you needn't tune in at a certain time--as long as you read the class material and do the relevant homework.

Here are the details about the class:

Want to make more as a book author or freelancer? One of the most lucrative freelance fields is ghostwriting and coauthoring yet most writers know little about this niche. What do you need to get started? What makes ghostwriting more challenging—and yet more rewarding—than writing your own books? Why is this field a great way to expand your freelance career? In 6 weekly lessons, you’ll learn:

*What you need to be a successful ghostwriter;

*What types of clients hire ghostwriters and how to market to them;

*How to determine what clients are a best fit for you;

*How to help your client decide what publishing options are right for them;

*How to interview potential clients—and know which are worth your time;

*How to set and negotiate fees; and

*How to capture your client’s voice and work efficiently.

Remember, I’m a long-term freelancer who’s taught classes on magazine writing and successful freelancing to thousands of students and writers’ conference attendees in the last 13 years. This is the first time I’m teaching a ghostwriting class, and I promise you’ll learn everything you need to know to break into this niche, whether you want to be a fulltime ghostwriter or simply want to add it to your freelancing repertoire. If you sign up for the Premium version (with includes critiques and feedback), you’ll also develop a customized letter of introduction, and a marketing plan designed to help you attract the clients you’re best suited to work with.

For this first offering (prices will go up in the future), the class is $219 for the Premium version with 6 weeks of e-mail support and feedback. $99 for the Basic version with no e-mail support. Visit to sign up and please post here or email me (kelly at with any questions.

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