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Friday, July 30, 2010

Coming Next Week: The Biggest Mistakes Freelancers Make

Tune in next week when we'll be talking about common freelance mistakes...and how to avoid them. Til then, have a great weekend!


  1. Hi Kelly,
    I found your site while doing research and discovered some gems. My research regards payment. I have been employed writing copy for my employer at salary. A great opportunity came my way and I've been offered a chance to write a 3000 word Wikipedia biography for a fairly well known lobbyist in Washington D.C. He wants me to submit a proposal because he doesn't know what to pay. And I don't know what to charge. He is very inclined to give me the assignment and wants to pay the competitive rate. I just don't know how to figure or find the going scale. Can you give me some guidance here? I would sure appreciate it. Thanks so much
    Robert Gates

  2. Hi, Robert--

    That's hard to say, but you could charge a per-project fee, per-hour, or per-word. I'd clarify where the info for the bio is going to come from, and go from there...depending on the work involved, I'd probably ask for at least $1-2/word for this kind of thing or set a flat project fee with wiggle room to negotiate.

    Hope this helps!