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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Post Round-Up: 10 Posts New Freelancers Should Read

So, it's St. Patrick's Day but I've spent the afternoon working. I'm in the final stages of finishing the galleys of Six-Figure Freelancing: The Writer's Guide to Making More Money, second edition; it goes to print once I approve them. I have to say that the updated version is even better than its predecessor--partly because there's a lot more stuff in it (new chapters on marketing and on writing books, advice about social media, and new advice from successful six-figure freelancers--along with a dozen queries, eight letters of introduction, and five proposals), and partly because I'm just a better writer than I was ten years ago, when I wrote the first edition. I'm not bragging--that's what happens when you do something for years. You get better at it!  

And I will have Dollars and Deadlines: Make Money Writing Articles for Print and Online Markets available in a print edition in the next week or so. Been busy with that, too. In other words, I am swamped with things other than my blog, so I'm hosting another post round-up. And I have a question for my readers: Do you have any great promotion ideas for me as I launch Improvise Press' first two books? I'll be doing some giveaways; writing articles and blog posts for a variety of markets; seeking reviews; and hosting some events for freelancers in coming months. And yes, I will Tweet about it. But I'd love to hear from you! Please let me know. 

Okay, now for our post round-up--10 posts that every new freelancer should read: 

* If you want to write articles for print and online pubs, you have to be able to write a compelling query
* The other essential tool in your marketing toolbox? The LOI, or letter of introduction
* If you lack experience, you should be pitching the FOB, or front-of-book, section. Here's why.
* Don't be afraid to follow up. In fact, plan on doing it with every pitch. 
* Focus on relationships, not assignments. 
* Worried about interviewing someone? Five tips for better interviews.
* Use the "TK" trick to write faster, or "swim like a shark," as I say. 
* Make your editor love you--it's not that hard. 
* Know the perfect time to pitch an editor
* Understand what attributes play a vital role in your freelancing success. 

--Til next time!