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Saturday, September 21, 2013

You Know You Want it: The Query Critique Returns

Have an idea you've been pitching for a while but haven't been able to sell? Are you a new writer who wants to make the best possible first impression on an editor--or do you simply want some honest feedback on your query from an experienced freelancer? 

You've come to the right place--I'm launching another query critique. The rules are simple: 

1. Email a one-page query (no longer, please) to dollarsanddeadlines at gmail dot com with "query" in the subject line. Put the query in the body of the email; don't attach it, please. 

2. Tune in to the blog to see if yours is chosen for critique! 

This is an opportunity for you to have a seasoned pro (um, that would be me--I've written hundreds of queries that sold, and edited hundreds more!) take a look at your pitch, and help you improve it--and hopefully sell it as well. I don't do these critiques often (and I charge $100/hour when clients hire me to do so), and they offer valuable feedback, especially for  new freelancers. 

I look forward to seeing your queries soon! Please get them to me by Monday, September 30 but the earlier, the better--the first ones in have a higher chance of being chosen. 

In the meantime, for 20+ queries that worked--and everything you need to know about freelancing for print and online markets, check out check out my latest two books, Dollars and Deadlines: Make Money Writing Articles for Print and Online Markets or Six-Figure Freelancing: The Writer's Guide to Making More Money, Second Edition. Prefer a print copy? Use the coupon code IMPROVISEPRESS (all caps,no spaces) for 20 percent off when you order directly through

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